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I love it when I make a helpful post and then get a bunch of followers! It’s like being rewarded for helping people!

I love it when I make a helpful post and then get a bunch of followers! It’s like being rewarded for helping people!

cute hamtaro outfit


Have I ever told you guys who my Hamtaro waifu is?


I want a plushie of this lil man so bad, or maybe a tiny dakimakura, like, on a normal sized pillow. That would be pretty rad OwO

A giant angry rat wearing a little pink bow

Well, I mean, I’m not an angry rat, I’m just a mildly annoyed rat.

How did you know you were otherkin? Did you know you were before you knew your kintype? Are there any otherkin that you know of that felt... different and nonhuman before knowing what their kintype is? I'm sorry for so many questions, I've just had some doubts about the human-ness of myself and thought you might be able to help, plus you're really approachable which is helpful because anxiety things. Thank you for your time c:

Aww! What a sweetie!

I had some feelings that I was non-human and non-earthly at a fairly young age, but I didn’t have a word for it until Tumblr came into my life. It wasn’t until I started following other kinfolk that I noticed I had the same behaviors that they did. Each kintype of mine that I discovered had different discovery experiences and behaviors connected to them. Some were things that I could point out right away, others were, and still are, vague non-human feelings that don’t match anything else. Sometimes I chose a kintype, then realized that I was wrong, and was really a different kintype. Each experience is different!

When I was little, I noticed that my front teeth were rather large, and had an insentient need to chew on everything. There are so many things in my childhood home that still have bitemarks on them, it’s like a game of I Spy. I went through a phase that I told everyone that I was part hamster, and would proudly cover my bottom lip with my front teeth to prove that I had hamster teeth. It didn’t last long due to bullying. Hamster became rat later on in my childhood, as I had rats for pets and realized how strong of communication I had with them. I would chitter and click to them, and they would respond. I had a strong connection to a few different animals around this point in my life, and could communicate with them (birds, cats, and dogs), though I lost this ability as I grew, all but my connection to rats and other rodents. That’s how I discovered I was ratkin.

Throughout my childhood, and even now, I had an enhanced 6th sense that my family seemed to agree on. I could fill a book with all of the supernatural experiences I had in my first half of life. In short, I once predicted a death, and have seen/felt ghosts multiple times, both of these in association with dead animals. I also have a sense of clairvoyance. I once went up to an old stranger and predicted his name for no reason other than a gut feeling that I had to do it, having never seen him before. I have spoken with the dead more than once. I can people-watch and occasionally tell little facts about people I see. I connected all of these to ghostkin.

I have always had a strong connection with water, the ocean, and sealife, which lead me to identify as a water elemental, and later change that identifier to manateekin.

Even with these kintypes pinpointed, I still have otherkin feelings that I have yet to explain. I can feel sound vibrations constantly, regardless of how loud or far away the sound is. I receive premonitions in my dreams, which is also something my Mom can do, though she only ever dreams premonitions and otherwise does not remember her dreams. I know I am not from earth, though I don’t know where I’m from. I occasionally feel astral wings and extra limbs. Really, not every non-human experience has an explanation or a kintype! Or, if they do, they’re hard to find!

I believe the best way to find out your kintype is to do what I did, look back into your childhood experiences. What did you do as a child that seemed non-human? What did you pretend to be? These things helped me a lot!

I had a dream that there was a Neopets board on 4chan.

I use these skills myself, and I felt it would be nice to share them so others can use them as well!


Oh man—

So back in the old days I used to love Neopetsright? And I’d probably still be playing if they hadn’t changed the entire interface of the site, making it complicated and unpleasant to browse, particularly for someone who remembers things as they were. (Could you take me back before they invented Neocash, please?)

Recently I started seeing Internet ads for Marapets, a site which I remembered from my youth as a low-grade knockoff of Neopets. I never had an account on there in my life, but I clicked over there and realized it was still a low-grade knockoff of Neopets—the old Neopets, before the upgrades happened.

So in a fit of nostalgia combined with a love of the cheap and weird, I made myself an account. 


I’m fairly certain I’ve landed myself in the middle of a Creepypasta. 


Okay, here’s the map. Pretty nice, huh? Just enough of a blatant rip-off of the old Neopets map to give you the warm fuzzies. You can see a Tyrannia, a Kreludor, a Faerieland, a Haunted Woods, even a … a … that place with the pirates. 

That giant rainbow even directs you to a place where you can change pet colors if you’ve got enough points!

Aww, look, there’s even a trailer park where the inhabitants wallow in poverty and insanity!

wait what.

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No but imagine a Steven Universe + Gravity falls Crossover
Steven: whoa, are you some kind of magic nacho?
Bill: I'm not a nacho!
Amethyst: *walks in the room* Hey Steven, who's the floating nacho?