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Another update on that deaf, mute, mucus oozing kitten I found in my Grandma’s backyard. She’s been taking good care of her, feeding her and petting her. She’s not gotten much bigger, but she’s up to soft food now. She still has ghost-meows, but can call her mom if the redeems the energy to do it. I think she has mucus in her lungs. She can’t hear at all…I can approach her from the front, and she’ll remain asleep until I touch her. Just as I wipe the snot from her nose and eyes, it always comes right back. Her Mom doesn’t come around very often, but I’ve seen another mother cat fostering her, as she has a kitten around her age.

But, even with all that, she’s still the friendliest little thing. She doesn’t stray far from the back door, so I think she’s finally associated humans with food and shelter. She’s doing better.

The humane society here doesn’t take in stray animals, so for now, I’m looking for a home that can take care of her special needs. She’s not aggressive to any other cats, not even around food, though she’s very sick and needs someplace to stay before snowfall. Reblog if you live in the Fargo/Moorhead area, and hit me up if you can or know of somebody willing to take her.

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    i hope this lil guy found a home!!
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    This cat may have a respiratory infection. We had a litter of kittens that looked similar at the Animal Shelter I...
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    Faith in humanity restored
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